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Let us help you get consignment right

When we accept an item it will be consigned for sale.  The owner verifies that the item does belong to him/her and is their rightful property to sell.  The Consignor states that to the best of his/her knowledge, items are as represented.

2nd Chance rules1 2nd Chance rules2

1.     The accepted items are consigned for sale.  The owner verifies that the item(s) belong to him/her and is their rightful property to sell.  Consignor warrants that to the best of his/her knowledge, items are as represented.


2.    Pricing will be determined with the owner when the item is brought into the store for examination.  All items should be clean and presentable, in good working order, without structural damage.  If additional repairs or extensive cleaning is needed after the item is consigned, $25 will be deducted from the total payment to the consignor, for that item, when it is sold.  If it is found to be damaged the Consignor will be notified and has 24 hours to pick it up or it will become the property of 2nd Chance Consignments and will be donated.  If/when the item sells the Consignor shall receive 50% of the sale price (minus $25, if applicable).  


3.    Consignor warrants that he/she has a homeowners policy which covers the items while consigned.


4.    During the sale of an item, 2nd Chance Consignments will have automatic permission to negotiate the price within 20% in order to make the sale, if necessary.  Any reduction of the asking price below 50% will require Consignor's verbal or written permission.


5.    Within the first month the price of the consigned items will be the agreed-upon price (minus up to 20%, if necessary to make the sale).  If the item hasn't sold within the first month, and goes into the second month the price will be dropped 20%.  If the item goes into the 3rd month the price drops to 50% of the original price (with no additional price reduction).  If  the Consignor does not want to sell the item for 50% of the original price he(she) has the option to pick up the item at any time.  It is up to the Consignor to keep track of the duration of time and contact 2nd Chance Consignments or pick up the items.


6.    Consignor may remove his/her item from the floor provided there are no pending sales.  Removal may be subject to payment of 15% of original asking price and is at discretion of 2nd Chance Consignments (maximum $150).


7.  If 2nd Chance Consignments determines after 45 days that an item is not likely to sell, the Consignor agrees to reduce the price, donate, or pick up the item.


8.    If the item hasn't sold after 90 days, the consignor will be contacted and then given 72 hrs to retrieve the item.  After 72 hrs the item may be donated unless otherwise specified.  2nd Chance Consignments cannot be a storage facility.


9.  Holiday items will be displayed for sale before and during the relevant holiday.  Once the holiday is over, it is the responsibility of the Consignor to pick up all items the week after the holiday, or they may be donated to one of the local Thrift Stores.


10.   Checks will be sent out the first week of each month with a $1 handling fee which will be deducted from the total owed to the consignor that month.

Our rules and guidelines

If you have high quality, clean items that are in very good condition and ready to be used bring it to us to help you sell it.  The items will go right out onto the showroom floor and be ready for sale immediately. Make sure the items don't need to be repaired, upholstered, fixed, or cleaned.


Make sure that when you bring in furniture, the drawers work and have knobs, and the piece is structurally sound. There should be no stains, cat scratches, or damage.

Please inform us if your item has a flaw because when we advertise "in perfect working order" we want to be assured that it is.

What we are looking for

2nd Chance rules

Get a number for movers in your area for pick-ups and delivery.


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